Applebee’s New Year’s Eve Party Costs Almost $400 To Attend And Might Be The Hottest Ticket Of The Night

applebee's new years eve party 2019

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Millennials have mercilessly slaughtered a number of industries over the past couple of years as companies scramble to figure out a way to get money from a generation that barely has any.

However, if there’s any corporation that’s managed to crack the secret code, it’s Applebee’s, which recently came up with a foolproof strategy to attract business: getting frugal Americans drunk as hell.

Last week, my good friend Matt covered a report documenting the chain’s resurgence thanks in no small part to the number of drink specials they’ve offered over the past year— including the Dollar Jolly Rancher cocktails they’re serving up this month.

applebees new year's eve party 2019


There were also the $1 Zombies that gave me more of an experience than I ever anticipated.

applebee's new year's eve party 2019


Applebee’s might have made a comeback with cheap drinks but they’re finishing out 2018 with a bang with a New Year’s Eve party in New York City that’ll set you back at least $375.

The celebration will be held at the two Applebee’s located in close proximity to Times Square and people willing to shell out that amount of money will be rewarded with a live DJ, an open bar, a champagne toast, and an assortment of item menus (you’ll also get the chance to see The Magical Ball drop but it’s “subject to NYPD approval”).

If you’re willing to really break the bank, $450 will get you access to early admission and table service in addition to a gift bag presumably filled with some Applebee’s swag, which you honestly can’t put a price on.

If you’re looking to eat good in a severely overcrowded neighborhood then you can pick up tickets here.

I was planning on drinking multiple bottles of champagne by myself on NYE, and while this is more than I’d usually spend on what would be a totally unironic purchase, I’m still finding it hard to resist the temptation.

With that said, If anyone with an Applebee’s connection happens to be reading this I’d be more than happy to be your plus-one for the night.

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