A$AP Rocky Has Finally Been Released From Jail As He Awaits A Final Verdict On Assault Charges In Sweden

asap rocky released from jail

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Last month, A$AP Rocky discovered himself in a bit of a sticky situation after he found himself arrested in Sweden on charges of aggravated assault after a video surfaced that showed him and his entourage beating the crap out of a guy on the streets of Stockholm.

After the footage emerged, the rapper posted a video of his own to defend himself, saying the man in question (as well as another person) had been harassing women and following him and his crew around before things went to shit.


However, his self-defense argument wasn’t enough to convince Swedish authorities to let him walk and he soon found himself sitting in jail, where he reportedly faced “inhumane conditions” despite the fact that Swedish detention centers are basically a country club compared to their counterparts in the United States.

As is the case with virtually every rapper who finds themselves in jail, the hip-hop community immediately rallied around him to create the #FreeFlacko movement and Donald Trump even claimed he was getting involved in the case despite evidence to the contrary.

Now, it appears the people’s wishes have finally come to fruition according to a reporter who was covering his ongoing trial, as the judge in the case as announced the flagship member of the A$AP crew can be released under his own recognizance as he and others involved in the case await sentencing in a couple of weeks.

Savage also reports the artist is free to leave the country if he so chooses but it’s unclear if he’ll depart before the sentencing (he faces up to two years in jail but requested his punishment be limited to community service and experts seem to agree he won’t face any serious repercussions).

It’s about damn time.

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