Australia Is In The Midst Of A ‘Spider Apocalypse’ As Gigantic Webs Blanket The Countryside

Australia In A Spider Apocalypse As Giant Webs Blanket The Countryside


  • Thick blankets of spider webs are taking over parts of Australia in what some are calling a β€œspider apocalypse.”
  • The webs are home to thousands of spiders of all shapes and sizes due to heavy rains forcing them to higher ground.
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It was just three months ago that we reported how Australia was in the middle of a mouse plague of biblical proportions with millions of mice terrorizing the country in what looked like a horror film.

Now, in the southern state of Victoria, blankets of spider webs are covering the local landscape thanks to heavy rains which has forced thousands of spiders to seek shelter on higher ground.

Which means, in addition to Seattle (murder hornets), we can now add Victoria, Australia as a place we will need to steer clear of for a little while.

According to the Independent, these spider web blankets are at their worst in the East Gippsland region of Victoria.

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Of course, one scientist, as they always do in situations like this, claims it’s no big deal.

Professor Dieter Hochuli of the University of Sydney told 7NEWS it is nothing more than a natural phenomenon.

β€œThey build a web that is a little bit different to the ones we’re more familiar with, like orb webs, their ones are flat and the spiders often live between two layers of webbing,” he said.

β€œWhen we get these types of very heavy rains and flooding these animals who spend their lives cryptically on the ground can’t live there anymore, and do exactly what we try to do – they move to the higher ground.”


A similar event occured near Launceston in Tasmania, Australia back in 2016. Those massive spider webs were also created due to heavy rains and flooding.

Regardless of what the scientists say, there is little doubt that images from the area of the gigantic spider webs are a very troubling sight for many people.

β€œThat is my worst nightmare,” said one person on Reddit.

β€œI can’t wait for the mouse plague vs spider apocalypse showdown,” wrote another.

Never change, Australia. Never change.

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