An Australian Kayaker Posted A Video Before He Died At Sea, And It’s Both The Saddest And Most Courageous Thing Ever


In case you were having a good day, this video should change that real quick. Or not, actually. I personally found it very moving and encouraging, but you be the judge.


NY Post– A harrowing video depicts the tragic final moments of a kayaker stranded at sea off the coast of New South Wales, Australia. Jeremy Worthy, 43, had posted the video to Facebook Sunday as a last-ditch rescue plea before his body was discovered in the water just hours later, reports the Daily Mail.

“This is tiring.” Good Lord what a man. I can only decipher about 10% of the stuff he says, but there isn’t a HINT of panic or resignation in his voice. The guy is just at peace with whatever is happening to him. Doesn’t want his final sign-off to be some tearful apology or terrified call for help. He’s simply bobbing with the waves, looking around, taking it all in. Even acknowledges “it’s nice when it calms down.” Christ, it’s getting dusty in here.

Imagine being his buddy Pauly though? How the hell does that guy sleep this year? Obviously he’s kidding but he still said the words “This is on you.” I think that flies in Australia, where they practice the hardest-hitting humor and ribbing in all the world. But if you said that on your last video goodbye here in America, it might precipitate Pauly’s descent into ineffective therapy sessions and an unbreakable cloud of guilt. Poor Pauly.

I only hope to go out with half the resolution and dignity of our late friend Jeremy. Sadly I know myself better than that, and I know I’ll be crying like a total bitch. Cheers to you Jeremy, hope you’re paddling happily up in the great white nowhere.