WB Games Montréal Ramps Up Hype For New ‘Batman: Arkham’ Game With Mysterious ‘Capture The Knight’ Teaser

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WB Montreal

Back in late September, we brought you the news that WB Games Montreal — the video game developer behind Batman: Arkham Origins — had seemingly teased what appeared to be some sort of Batman-related project.

In celebration of Batman Day on September 22, WB Montreal projected a classic-looking Batman logo onto the side of their building. However, if you watch the video that their official account tweeted very closely, you will see fleeting, abrupt, and generally ominous symbols overlayed onto the screen.

via WB Games Montreal Twitter

While the tease was quite obvious, it was the only remote semblance of news that fans were given, as there has been literally no official news regarding the project since. There have, of course, been rumors, as “well-known industry insider” Sabi claimed that he’d seen screenshots of the game, says you can use the entire Batman family and that the game will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy.

Now, just a couple of weeks into the new year, WB Games Montréal has taken yet another step towards revealing the game, as the studio released another new curious-looking badge/symbol with the caption “Capture the Knight”. The image is fractured and can only be seen in full when put together, which you can find below.

Ever since rumors have the game first started popping up on the internet, fans have speculated that the game will feature the Court of Owls, Ra’s al Ghul, and possibly Amanda Waller as the primary antagonists. Although it remains unclear when in the Arkham timeline this game will take place (remember, Batman “died” at the end of Arkham Knight), should it be the series’ final chapter, the Dark Knight taking on otherworldly powerful enemies such as Ra’s al Ghul and the Court of Owls (who are relatively new to Batman lore) would make for a perfect conclusion.

With the new generation of gaming consoles set to be released later this year and The Batman set to hit theaters the following summer — the various obvious teasers from WB Games Montréal notwithstanding — a new Batman game is essentially a lock. Given that all of the major pop cultural events take place during the summer, you can probably expect an official announcement around then.

In the meantime, enjoy this fucking epic cinematic trailer from their last Batman output, Arkham Origins:


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