The Court Of Owls Rumored To Be The Main Villain In The Upcoming ‘Batman: Arkham’ Reboot

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WB Montreal

In the past half-a-year or so, we’ve brought you countless reports on the mysterious Batman game currently being developed by WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins.

While nothing official has been announced, WB Games Montreal has certainly not been shy about the upcoming project, as they’ve dropped various hints and teasers throughout the last six months.

Details about the project have been admittedly scarce, but as we speed towards the release of both A) the new generation of gaming consoles and B) the release of The Batman in June 2021, an official announcement regarding the game continues to inch closer and closer.

And according to recent reports, when the highly-anticipated Batman: Arkham entry is finally announced, fans will learn that the Court of Owls — a relatively new enemy in Batman lore — is the game’s primary antagonist.

This new information regarding the game comes from a now-deleted tweet from the now-deleted account of Twitter user @New_WabiSabi and is relayed via Game Rant. Sabi tweeted yesterday that multiple sources have stated the upcoming new Batman video game will no longer be called Arkham Legacy, as they tweeted in October, but that the Court of Owls, which is essentially Gotham City’s version of the Illuminati,  is “still a big focus.” Sabi also responded to another user, stating that they were told that the game is a reboot and that “the stuff going around in articles lately is correct.” This seems to support another of Sabi’s tweets from October, which stated the entire Bat Family, including BatmanRobinBatgirl, and others, would be playable. [via Screenrant]

This latest leak lines up with previous reports that the Court of Owls will be featured alongside villains such as Amanda Waller and Ra’s al Ghul.

As I’ve long speculated, given the perfect confluence of factors — the release of the next generation of gaming consoles and the release of The Batman — it’s only a matter of time until the Batman: Arkham reboot is formally announced.

The Court of Owls — essentially the Illuminati of the DC Comics universe — is an organized crime group and secret society made up of wealthy and influential Gotham City individuals that first debuted in 2011.


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