The World’s First Beer-Filled Swimming Pools Contain 42,000 Pints And They’re Ready For You

Austria Schloss Starkenberger beer pools

Great Big Story

The world’s first beer-filled pools can be found in Austria. They are like giant hot tubs but instead of chemically treated water, they are filled with 42,000 pints of beer. While you’re chilling in the Schloss Starkenberger beer pools you can order one of the 13 beers on the menu to kick back and enjoy a frosty brew while chilling in the soothing pool.

The Schloss Starkenberger beer pools measure 13 feet in length and contain 42,000 pints worth of beer. You can reserve a two-hour session in these beer Jacuzzis for around $250 (£200). Everyone is warned to not drink the beer in the pools because it’s not completely cleaned and scrubbed after each person swims in the beer, but that’s not any different than being told ‘don’t drink the pool water’ I guess.

If we’re being honest, I like the idea of swimming in a beer pool but not one that feels like a hot tub. That just sounds sticky to me, and I have a feeling the entire place smells like funky ass. A chilled pool full of beer sounds much more therapeutic, kind of like a polar bear ice bath. Right? Am I wrong for thinking that?

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Austria’s beer pools have actually been around for over a year but they’ve just picked up steam in the news after being featured in the UK’s Sun. That video above from Great Big Story was from February of last year when Austria’s beer pools first opened.

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