Bella Hadid Urges People To Stay Inside By Going Topless With A Burrito

Bella Hadid urges people to stay inside with topless Instagram pic with a burrito.

Getty Image / Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

These are truly trying times. We all know we need to change our behavior, but it can be difficult because we’ve never encountered anything like the situation that we’re all experiencing right now.

Some tone-deaf celebrities attempted to ease our genuine fears and urged us to quarantine by singing John Lennon’s Imagine from their mansions that are probably equipped with a bowling alley, a catering staff, wine cellar, a putting green, movie theater, and complete game rooms as you struggle to drag a 50-pound bag of basmati rice, 23 cans of pinto beans, and four packages of toilet paper into your 690-square-foot apartment where you’ll be locked up for another two months with your roommate who plans on surviving by microwaving Gorton’s fish sticks on the daily.

But Bella Hadid employed a much more practical and shrewd modus operandi in attempting to suggest that people should alter their conduct to try to help society during these dire state of affairs. Bella Hadid subscribes to the “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” mantra, so instead of lecturing people, the supermodel grabbed people’s attention with two things that everyone treasures: boobs and burritos.

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In an Instagram post, the 23-year-old model encouraged people to “stay inside,” “not be selfish,” and to “wash those damn hands.” Hadid ditched her shirt to compel people to change their behavior, while also eating a burrito.

In the topless photo, she provided some activities that people could do now that they have a lot more time on their hands, such as meditate, hang out with pets, learn how to knit, tie-dye socks, or write a poem to your mom.

She is utilizing her curves to flatten the curve. We need more PSAs like this.

In another Instagram post, she wrote: “Me, switching up my looks in the morning for a nice day of self quarantining on the couch.”

Our health officials have been superb during this time of crisis, but maybe they should consider adding Bella Hadid to the task force as a spokesperson. She has exceptional and persuasive communication skills.

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