The 5 Places Where Beers Hit Different Than Normal

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There are certain things that go unsaid when talking about the consumption of beer. Yes, we know how damn good it can taste and can’t overlook the fact that beer brings people together, but have you noticed the way a beer can change in taste depending on where you are in the world? A Guinness at a local Irish pub can taste completely different than a Guinness at a local taco truck. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but in my opinion, there are numerous places where whatever beer you are having just hits different than normal.

I decided to rank the 5 places where beers are digested different than normal. Shall we?

5. Movie Theater Beers

These movie beers are without question very interesting ones. One beer at a movie theater before your movie starts will leave you with a very tough decision on whether or not you want to commit to a solid buzz while enjoying your film. Is it weird to get drunk before a movie? Should you tone It down so you can follow the plot? These are all questions you have to ask yourself and ones that only you yourself have the answer to. Movie theater beers ALWAYS hit different.

4. Shower Beers

If you are currently putting down a shower beer right now you are 100% gearing up for a wild night. When committing to the shower beer you are also committing to an extremely drunk night. It just goes hand in hand. Nobody has ever had one shower beer without tacking on at least another five the rest of your night. Enjoy your shower, enjoy your beer, it doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Golf Course Beers

What matters more, consuming a ton of beer or your 12 handicap that nobody really cares about? Everybody’s answer is different but mine is definitely the beer. Course beers along with a course buzz are some of the finer things in life. Don’t take it for granted.

2. Bowling Alley Beers

Not only have I never had a bad batch of french fries at a bowling alley, but I also have never had a bad beer either. One bowling alley beer is equivalent to four beers anywhere else. Be careful because not only do the bowling alley beers taste better, they also hit you 10X harder. Proceed with caution.

1. Airport Beers

Wish I had an answer for this one because I truly don’t know what it is with airport beers that make them hit so differently. Give me a good airport beer, a good football game, and a good airport bartender and there is a 25% chance I am going to miss my flight even though I am five steps away from my gate.