These Are The Most Uniquely Searched Thanksgiving Side Dishes By State

Best Thanksgiving Sides


When you think about Thanksgiving dinner, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously turkey. Even if you hate turkey, or the fact that your mother, wife, brother, father (or whoever) can’t cook one to save their goddamn life, turkey is the centerpiece of the meal. The real stars, however, are the sides. Because even if the turkey is drier than dust, dinner can be saved with sides!

When I think about Thanksgiving sides, however, I can’t help but to think about the glaring omissions from my family’s Thanksgiving feast. We have two kinds of stuffing, two kinds of potatoes, and a bunch of other shit that my family and/or my wife’s family never changes. It is just the same stuff every year. And every time I try to inject some new life into the menu I get holes stared through me by all the people who prepare the meal.

Here is how that conversation goes:

Me: “What if we added mac & cheese this year. Everyone loves a good mac & cheese!”

Unnamed Person Who Is Doing The Cooking: “We can’t add mac & cheese, Jason. That will be too much food.”

Me: “Well, I’ve got a wild fucking idea, how about we cancel the sweet potatoes or the corn and add the mac? It’ll be a hit!”

Unnamed Person Who Is Doing The Cooking: “No, we always eat grandma’s sweet potatoes. It’s tradition. And corn is literally the only vegetable we have.”

Me: “Fuck you, person who’s name I won’t say.”

I mean…sorry for being a goddamn culinary visionary. Now I know how artists who died before their brilliance was ever appreciated must have felt.


Google wrangled up all the most unique sides that each state searches the most. Some are surprising (the fuck is Ambrosia salad, Oregon?) and some deserve a more love on the list (looking at you, Mac & Cheese). Take a look below and see if you have ever, in your life, eaten the dish that your state searches the most.

Alabama: Squash casserole

Alaska: Green beans

Arizona: Pumpkin roll

Arkansas: Sweet potato pie

California: Stuffing

Colorado: Pecan pie

Connecticut: Sausage stuffing

Delaware: Butternut squash

Florida: Corn souffle

Georgia: Squash casserole

Hawaii: Sweet potato

Idaho: Sourdough bread

Illinois: Sweet potato casserole

Indiana: Roasted sweet potatoes

Iowa: Corn casserole

Kansas: Yams

Kentucky: Broccoli casserole

Louisiana: Yams

Maine: Mashed squash

Maryland: Collard greens

Massachusetts: Butternut squash

Michigan: Roasted brussel sprouts

Minnesota: Thanksgiving sweet potatoes

Mississippi: Cornbread dressing

Missouri: Thanksgiving rolls

Montana: Cranberry sauce

Nebraska: Sweet potatoes

Nevada: Pecan pie

New Hampshire: Homemade stuffing

New Jersey: Butternut squash soup

New Mexico: Pecan pie

New York: Acorn squash

North Carolina: Corn pudding

North Dakota: Sweet potatoes

Ohio: 7 layer salad

Oklahoma: Cornbread dressing

Oregon: Ambrosia salad

Pennsylvania: Candied sweet potatoes

Rhode Island: Stuffing

South Carolina: Cornbread dressing

South Dakota: Ambrosia salad

Tennessee: Mac and cheese

Texas: Broccoli rice casserole

Utah: Yams

Vermont: Butternut squash

Virginia: Corn pudding

Washington: Green beans

West Virginia: Broccoli salad

Wisconsin: Garlic mashed potatoes

Wyoming: Sweet potatoes

I grew up in Pennsylvania, I went to college in Florida and I live in New Jersey. And what I will be most thankful for this Thanksgiving is that I never in my life had to eat Candied sweet potatoes, butternut squash soup or corn souffle. #ThankfulAF

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