Here Are Best Yearbook Senior Quotes Of 2018

by 2 years ago
class of 2018

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The 2018 school year is almost over across most of the nation. At least, I think it is. To be honest, I don’t really have any concept of when school ends these days because 1) I’m not a kid and 2) I don’t have kids. But I’ll just assume that the school year ends sometime in the next few weeks because I recently went to play golf around the corner and a bunch of high schoolers were setting the clubhouse up for prom, and I recall prom being somewhere around 6 weeks before the end of the school year.

Anyway, I’m rambling…Senior quotes. They’re usually pretty forgetful. I don’t have a damn clue what quote I used underneath my senior portrait or on my senior page in the yearbook. I probably pulled quotes from Sublime or some shit like that. But whatever I used certainly pales in comparison to these quotes below. Twitter Moments pulled together the best yearbook quotes of 2018 and they’re proof that the kids are alright:

I guess I should shut this down. I suppose I could dig deep on the Internet and find some more but I feel like we’ve seen a pretty great cross-section of the best 2018 Yearbook Quotes so far and anything else will end up being vanilla. BUT, if I missed any that should be included you can hit me up on twitter at @casspa or you can tag us on Instagram at @BroBible.

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