Jim Parsons Forfeited $50 Million To End ‘The Big Bang Theory’ And Exercise Mercy On Humanity

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The Big Bang Theory has baffled people with sense of humor for over a decade now. The CBS sitcom is as successful as it is unfunny–it has reveled in its position as the #1 show on television, with the top three earners in the comedy genre being Big Bang Theory actors. Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki each earn $1 million PER EPISODE, which amounts to 20 times that of a teacher’s salary per 26 minute cringeworthy episode.

Full disclosure: I’ve never seen a full episode of Big Bang Theory, so technically I’m not qualified to say it sucks. With that said, it sucks so hard. I don’t have to lick white dog poop to say my palate rejects the taste. I’ve seen all I needed to see to make my judgement after watching the below two clips.

This one is an all-timer.

If you take out the show’s laugh track, you literally may have trouble finding when to insert a fake laugh.

Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, the show will be ending in 2019, after the upcoming 12th season. The show is reportedly ending because its lead man, Jim Parsons, is tired of it.

Parsons was ready to say goodbye to the ensemble sitcom that made him a household name. Since there is no show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper, next spring’s 12th season finale of The Big Bang Theory will mark the end of the longest-running multi-camera series in television history.

Parsons, who was the highest paid TV star last year, “stood to make more than $50 million including profits” for two more seasons but decided to have mercy on civilization.

The Big Bang Theory‘s final season premieres on September 24. I’ll make sure to not watch. Looks like I won’t be alone:

Shit, sounds like I’m a walking cliche…

Really though?

*Slides into DMs*

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