Millennials Rejoice! Bill Gates-Backed Startup Makes Avocados Last Twice As Long

There’s no denying that people love avocados. The fruit’s gloriously delicious fattiness is unlike anything else. The only two issues with avocados are that people cut their hands trying to slice open avocados and that they go bad so quickly. One day they’re hard as a rock and seemingly the next day they are a squishy brown mess. A startup that is backed by Bill Gates has reportedly solved the avocado ripeness dilemma (unfortunately they don’t eliminate the avocado hand epidemic).

Apeel Sciences is a California-based startup which has been backed by billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. The company’s mission is to “fight the global food waste crisis by utilizing nature’s approach to preventing waste in the first place.” To achieve this Apeel created a second skin made of plant-derived materials such as lipids and glycerolipids to cover fruits and vegetables to extend their ripeness. The USDA Organic Certified recycled plant-based peels maintain moisture and reduce oxidation in produce. The plant-based compounds are turned into a powder that is mixed with water and then the produce are coated with the solution.

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In tests, the special coating made avocados last twice as long. The possibilities of this process are so promising that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have invested in Apeel Sciences. The skin is edible, colorless, odorless, and tasteless so your guac will still be tasty AF. Now your avocados, apples, and strawberries will last longer. Apeel has teamed up with Del Rey Avocados to bring the special avocados to more than 100 grocery stores, including 30 Costco locations, in the Midwest. Now you can buy all the avocados you want and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling in two days. In other avocado news, we now have diet avocados.

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