Billie Joe Armstrong Surprises Dive Bar Green Day Cover Band And Sings ‘Basket Case’

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong gave fans at a London dive bar the thrill of a lifetime.

The bassist and frontman surprised a Green Day cover band playing at Slim Jim’s Liquor Store in Islington by hopping on stage and signing ‘Basket Case’ with them.

If there were any doubts that this was staged, fix your eyes on the lead singer who is in a state of shock.

At first it seems like she’s confused why someone has taken her microphone and suddenly the wave of comprehension washes over her as she realizes it is Billie Joe Armstrong, one of the most famous rockers of the past 30 years, singing his song on stage with their cover band.

Clips from the dive bar went viral on social media:

The band, Borderline Toxic, will be dining out on that story for the rest of their lives. It simply will not get better than this moment.

If there is any major life lesson to be learned from this it is to always spend as much time in dive bars as possible. This would never happen at a bar that serves cocktails created by an in-house mixologist.

If you’re ever in Islington which is in London‘s Northeast Zone 1, Slim Jim’s Liquor Store certainly has a well-crafted dive bar appeal going.

They describe themselves as ‘masterful purveyors of good times’ which rings true given that Billie Joe Armstrong was drinking there and they had a Green Day cover band on stage that was good enough to get the man himself to come on up.