Fyre Festival Mastermind Billy McFarland Is Writing A Memoir Featuring TOTALLY True Stories He’s Never Told Before

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I didn’t know Billy McFarland by name when I first moved down to New York City more than five years ago but I was almost brought into his orbit thanks to a series of glowing articles and Facebook ads concerning a “credit card” for millennials that didn’t actually let you buy anything except access to spaces filled with people as gullible as yourself.

There were more than a couple of 20-somethings at the trendy startup I worked at who were more than happy to flash their Magnises card as if it was some kind of status symbol but they’d ultimately become the first people to fall victim to the slick ways of the man behind the infamous Fyre Festival.

I’ll never forget the day when tweets and pictures concerning the ill-fated gathering started to circulate, and while I’ve been front and center for a number of monumental online events, none of them come close to sticking out as much as the reaction to the shitshow that unfolded in the Bahamas a couple of years ago.

Fyre Festival recently popped back up in the news thanks to a couple of competing documentaries from Netflix and Hulu chronicling the saga—a competition I’d argue Netflix won thanks almost entirely to the testimony of Andy King.

However, Hulu’s did set itself apart by allegedly paying McFarland a bunch of money to sit down and share his side of the story and gave us an in-person look at the man who’s been coming up with money-making schemes since he was a kid.

We recently learned that Ja Rule’s partner in crime has been having a ball playing Scrabble with Jersey Shore’s The Situation in prison but it turns out that’s not the only thing he’s been doing on the inside, as New York Magazine reports he’s currently shopping around a memoir that he penned while locked up that will chronicle his life and will definitely, totally not feature any half-truths or fabrications.

McFarland apparently contacted a journalist after handwriting the autobiography in prison, and while they ultimately declined to partner up with him, it appears the book—tentatively titled Promythus: The God of Fyre—could surface fairly soon, as the huckster reportedly almost published it himself on Amazon last month.

If you’re curious what the book is actually about, sources say he claims it contains previously untold stories concerning celebrities and members of the Trump administration because why the hell not?

In the immortal words of Bart Scott: CAN’T WAIT!

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