This Chinese Poster May Hold The Key To The ‘Black Widow’ Release Date

black widow

Marvel Studios

In case I don’t speak to you next week, Happy Quarantineversary! We’re coming up on a full year now, and man, what an absolute waste of our precious time on this Earth it’s been! Yipeee! Similar to how food tastes sweeter and music sounds better when we’re stoned, I’m hoping that sort of bliss, that intensified appreciation of the little things, further bakes its way into everyday life post-pandemic. Just walking around absolutely buzzing about NOT living in the worst year of our lives anymore. Can’t wait.

Movie theaters, for example, are one of those things I’ll no longer take for granted when they return (which, in New York City, is this Friday!) to our Brave New World, and not even because the business of Hollywood is directly tied to my ability to perform my job. I just miss overpriced, over-salted popcorn is all. The stick of the floor and the lean of the chair. The moment the lights go dark and you realize you’re allowed to turn your brain off for two hours. Walking into the fresh sunlight or the calm of dusk after the movie’s over, lighting a cigarette and heading to the pub for a burger and an ale (or five). These are the life moments I miss most, the ones we used to consider routine, perhaps even monotonous. How foolish we were.

But I digress. After this year, and what a long year it’s been, Spring and Summer feel as though they’re knocking on the doorstep of normalcy, and with it, comes our beloved movie theaters and the many films they show, including Marvel’s Black Widow, which was — alongside the likes of No Time To Die and F9 — one of the first major blockbuster films to bump its release date, and has been doing so ever since. That waiting game may finally be coming to an end, though, as it appears the film may actually maintain its current May 7 release date.

According to this newly released Chinese poster for the film, Black Widow will hit theaters in Hong Kong on April 29. And if in one corner of the world, that *has to* mean the other isn’t far behind, as Disney would never release a film to only half the global audience.

Spring is coming, my friends, and with it comes the return of movies.

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