These Insane Custom High-End Pool Tables For Celebs Start At $20K And Can Cost Up To $100,000

billiards table


billiards table

Is a Man Cave really a Man Cave™ unless there’s a pool table? This feels like the type of question that you could spend an entire night arguing for/against while throwing back pints at the pub.

I would personally argue that a Man Cave doesn’t need a pool table as long as there are enough other elements in place to make it a full-blown Man Cave, but the existence of a pool table within a Man Cave probably fulfills all the criteria needed. So, on the one hand, you’d need a bar, posters, dart board, badass TV or projector, etc. or you can just throw in a bar and a pool table and call it a day.

These high-end custom pool tables from Blatt Billiards (founded in NYC back in 1923) are a favorite amongst celebrities. They start at $20,000 and can run up to $100,000. FOR A POOL TABLE.

Here, Business Insider got a look behind-the-scenes at what makes these custom billiards tables to outrageously expensive and I’ll be honest, despite seeing how these are living works of art I’m still not convinced anyone alive should ever spend $100K on a pool table.

I think my biggest problem with a $100K pool table is I don’t really see anything you can do with it if you wake up one day and decide you’re done with it. Is there really a market for people buying second-hand billiards tables worth one-hundred grand? I’d think not.

It’s not like a $100K sports car or high-end watch that you can easily sell. The market for people who want one of the most expensive pool tables on the planet is SMALL.

Then again, maybe I’m just feeling salty that I probably won’t ever be able to afford a $100,000 pool table like Justine Beaver. Personally, I’m not super pro-pool table in the house because they’re a MASSIVE pain in the ass to move. They are amongst the heaviest items in a household and if you’ve ever tried to help someone move one from room to room or out of the house then you know how miserable this can be.