This Bluegrass Cover Of Mac Miller’s ‘Everybody’ Will Bring You To Tears

Last week, Swimming became Mac Miller’s very first certified platinum album, two years after the rapper passed away at the age of 26. His posthumous Circles recently received gold certification from the RIAA, indicating more than 500,000 units sold since release on January 17, 2020.

One of the highlights of Circles is “Everybody”, a poignant ballad on life and death.

“Everybody’s gotta live / And everybody’s gonna die / Everybody just wanna have a good, good time.” 

Mac’s version of “Everybody” is an “inspired cover” of Arthur Lee’s 1972 anthem “Everybody’s Gotta Live,” featuring Mac on vocals and keys, with minimal drums, bass, and layered vocals that builds with each verse. It’s a sparse yet beautiful musical meditation on one’s own mortality, like standing in the dead silence of a desert just to thing.

Each note hangs and clings.

During a recent show at The Wilma in Missoula, Montana, bluegrass outfit The Kitchen Dwellers brought Mac’s masterpiece to life as an acoustic ballad. It’s nice to hear the song with the tasteful pluck of a banjo and mandolin.


It’s a wonderful ode to a musician gone way too soon.

RIP Mac.

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