B.o.B. Is Crowdfunding Satellites To Try And Prove The Earth Is Flat

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The internet is filled with an incredible number of websites devoted to harebrained conspiracy theories about virtually every conceivable topic. I’ve come across a number of them during my time working on the internet, and I’ve found myself venturing down a wormhole on more than a few occasions in order to try to wrap my head around them.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but the Flat Earth Society (which boasts 100,000 followers on Facebook) has to be a top contender. If you can’t tell by the name, the group is a collective of people who believe the Earth is flat despite the fact that Pythagoras figured out it was a sphere back in 600 BC. However, they’re not going to let pesky things like math and science get in the way of their beliefs.

Kyrie Irving caught a bunch of flack earlier this year when it was revealed that he was a Flat Earth truther— a sentiment that Shaq recently echoed— but it turns out NBA players aren’t the only people who subscribe to this theory. B.o.B. is also a card-carrying member of the society, and he’s taking drastic steps to prove the Flat Earth theory once and for all.

The rapper— or someone posing as the rapper— recently launched a GoFundMe page in order to fund an expedition to space in order to prove the Earth is not a globe (despite all of the prior expeditions to space that have provided evidence to the contrary). The description reads:

What’s up guys! Help support B.o.B purchase and launch multiple satellites into space. He will be keeping you updated with step-by-step documentation of the process! Help B.o.B find the curve! Help spread the word!

As of this writing, the campaign had raised $220 of its $200,000 goal.

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