Joe Rogan Interview With Man Who Claims To Have Worked On UFOs At Area 51 Is Equally Fascinating And Terrifying

Are there aliens? Do UFOs exist? These are the questions that people have been asking for a very long time. One person who unequivocally believes in UFOs is Bob Lazar. That is because Bob Lazar claims that he has not only seen a UFO, but he has worked on a UFO in a section of Area 51 called “S-4” as a secret employee of the U.S. government.

On May 24, 1989, a man only identified as “Dennis” gave an interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS. “Dennis” claimed that the government had UFOs in a facility called “S-4,” which is a part of Area 51 in Nevada. Dennis was actually Bob Lazar.

Now, 30 years later, Lazar still asserts that his claims are true. Lazar was in the 2018 documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, which brings some more details to try to help prove that Bob is telling the truth about his UFO claims. The documentary by Jeremy Corbell has recently started streaming on Netflix, which has only brought more attention to Lazar’s intriguing story.

Bob Lazar appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience this week where for over two hours he explained his experiences and answered questions about his claims. Lazar alleges that in the 1980s when he was in his 20s, he worked on a UFO for the U.S. government in S-4, a facility said to be 15 miles south of Area 51.

Nobody actually knows if Lazar is telling the truth or making this entire story up, but there is one thing that is true: the story he tells is fascinating and compelling, even if what he says is fact or fiction.

We’ll bring you the highlights of Lazar’s extremely interesting interview, which Joe Rogan called: “There have been very few podcasts that have freaked me out the way the recent one I did with Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell has.”

In 1982, Lazar put a jet engine in his Honda and the vehicle could go 200 mph. He made the front page of the Los Alamos Monitor for his achievement.

Lazar claims shortly after his jetcar reached the front page of the newspaper, he saw Edward Teller reading the newspaper. Teller is a theoretical physicist who is known as “the father of the hydrogen bomb.” Many areas of Nevada were being used for nuclear test sites, so Teller could be in the area.

Lazar says Teller was reading the newspaper with him on the front page and Bob said, “Hey, I’m the guy you’re reading about there.” The two had a conversation and that was it.

Years later, Lazar was looking for a job and contacted Teller and referenced their chance meeting in Los Alamos. Teller remembered Lazare and gave him a reference to another person to contact about a job. Lazar was then given an interview. Lazar got a letter and went on several interviews for a position on advanced propulsion for a job in a “remote area.”

He took a passenger plane from McCarran Airport to Area 51 on a “Janet Flight,” Janet is the mysterious airline that serves Area 51.

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The first day was at Area 51 where he went through a “mountain of paperwork,” about security clearances of “two or three hours of paperwork.”

Rogan asked Lazar when he was tipped off that this was not a “normal” job. “There’s this facility that is at S-4, its on the side of a mountain,” Lazar said. “Normally, we had pulled in on a bus and gone around the front through a normal double door.”

“This time that I went in, there were hangar doors open,” Bob revealed. “I went in through the hangar door. And in the hangar door was the disc, the flying saucer that I worked.”

“I saw it sitting there and we walked by it. It had a little American flag stuck on the side,” Lazar claims. “And I thought, ‘Oh my god, this finally explains all of the flying saucer stories, this is just an advanced fighter.’ This is f*cking hilarious.”

“I went by, I slid my hand alongside it, I got reprimanded immediately for touching the thing,” according to Lazar. “There was an armed guard that followed us in and said, ‘keep your eyes forward and your arms at your side and just walk in the door.’ That was the first time I had seen anything that was weird.”

“It was sometime later that I was introduced to my lab partner, Barry,” Bob said of his new co-worker. “And we had some of the subcomponents of the craft in the lab.”

“It was a demonstration of the reactor working where it caught my attention to where ‘this is technology that doesn’t even exist.’ That was the first time that I knew this is really something different,” Lazar proclaims.

“This was a small reactor, a hemisphere, about the size of a basketball on a metal plate. When it was running it produced a gravitation field. A gravitational field of its own.”

“Now this is something we can’t do. We can’t produce any gravity,” Lazar declared. “The only way we get gravity is from large quantities of mass. But there’s no machine we can have that turns on that makes gravity. We can’t make a gravitational field. Anyway, this device was producing that.”

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“Barry said, almost like he was bragging, ‘Go ahead, try to touch the sphere.'” “I couldn’t, it pushed my hand away,” Lazar says. “There’s nothing that does that. That immediately got my attention.”

Lazar then detailed what the mission of S-4 and his job function at the Area 51 facility. “This project was to back-engineer the alien craft, specifically was to try to duplicate the technology with available materials.”

“Now to do this, they split the project into many different pieces,” Bob said. “They do this in all classified projects so nobody has the complete story. We had the power and propulsion system. They had everything from metallurgy to weapon potential of the craft.”

Rogan asked how the spaceship turned on and Lazar replied: “The reactor could be turned on or turned off in a lot of different ways. The way Barry showed me, the hemisphere was removed, there was a small tower in the middle. When you put the hemisphere on the reactor, the reactor activates.”

“It’s load-sensing. So if there’s no load on the reactor at all it shuts down,” he said. “When there’s a load present on it, it starts up again.”

“There’s no wiring that connects any of the subcomponents together whatsoever,” Lazar says of the alien equipment. “They just have to be in the immediate vicinity. The stuff is borderline magic.”

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Bob says that he was replacing someone who was rumored to have died. “I was replacing somebody that Barry worked with prior to me. And I think there was some horrific accident that I didn’t have a whole lot of information on. But Barry alluded to. Where somebody died. I think they were trying to cut into one (reactor).”

Lazar alleges that there was not just one UFO at S-4, but in fact nine different aircraft. “They had nine craft altogether. I only got hands-on with one of them.”

“At one time, and only one time, the bay doors between the hangars were all the way open,” Bob said. “They were all different.” He added the aircraft were from “someplace else” and they all had different shapes. One was shaped like a “Jello mold” and another looked like a flat disc like a straw hat. It had physical damage on the side, like it was shot down.

At the time of his six months working at S-4, Lazar said he initially loved his experience. “We were beyond the cutting edge of science. I was so absolutely excited to be there every single time I was.”

Then Bob came to an epiphany that he could be in grave danger and things quickly changed. “However, in short order, it began to concern me, we really have no idea what we’re talking about.”

“The excitement kinda turned to dread at some point,” Bob said. “Because the amount of power we’re dealing with is astronomical. I mean to affect gravity, to produce the effects like this equipment does takes huge amounts of power.”

“And I’ve given the example before of taking a small portable nuclear reactor and putting back in Victorian times with the scientists of the time,” he said. “They come and look at it and see that it’s producing power, and wonder how it works so they start taking it apart. And as soon as they get some of the shielding off the people are going to drop dead because of the radiation inside. People have no idea that radiation even exists back then.”

“There’s no reason that that exact scenario couldn’t happen with what we’re dealing with,” Lazar warned. “We have no idea how the physics operate within this thing. The power levels are astronomical, it’s incredibly dangerous to tinker with something like that. In some respects, we were guinea pigs. Just trying to find out how to make this thing.”

According to government briefings, Lazar said he was given the origins of the alien spacecraft. “There was some paperwork that indicated that this was from the Zeta Reticuli star system. Now, how they obtained that, I haven’t the slightest idea.”

“But it wasn’t just from the Zeta Reticuli star system, it was what they called ZR3. It was the third planet in that star system,” Bob alleges. “There was no other information about it, other than that’s supposedly where the craft came from. Now is that true? I don’t know, I have no way of verifying that. But that was printed in the same materials that referenced the reactor.”

“Zeta Reticuli is a binary star, two stars that orbit one another, and its only visible in the southern hemisphere and it’s about 30 some-odd light years away.” Lazar and Rogan acknowledge that there might be some misinformation to help identify anyone who went public with their inside information.

Lazar then explains what the spacecraft is fueled by. Lazar claims that the UFO is fueled by the atomic element 115, which is stable and didn’t decay. When Lazar first came out with his story in the 1980s, nobody in the public knew about element 115. Bob claims that element 115 creates gravity waves to propel the craft. “I guess you would say its anti-gravity.” Bob said that the reactor emitted no heat.

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Lazar was allowed to go inside the UFO on one occasion. “It’s a very ominous feeling. Everything is one color, its a dark pewter color. There are no right angles anywhere. Everything looks like its fused together, its a really weird looking thing. There was almost nothing other than a small foldable hatchway that looked recognizable. Everything was really unworldly.”

Lazar said the interior was designed for something about 3-feet-tall. “There’s nothing else in there, there’s just seats, the reactor and some of the subcomponents. There’s no control panel, there’s no bathroom, there’s no decorative components or artwork.” The reactor was in the dead center and three seats around it. There are three levels of the ship, the reactor was in the center level.

He said that the archway in the interior of the ship called the “superstructure” that could become transparent, which could be called a screen. He wasn’t sure if the ship was made with metal or ceramics, but it was cold to the touch. Lazar believes that the craft is 54-feet in diameter.

Lazar said that the UFOs could be owned by ancient aliens. “At least one of them was part of an archaeological dig. So it’s old. At least one of them is old,” Lazar told Rogan. “I don’t know if it was the one I worked on, but I remember something to do with an archaeological dig. That means it’s not just old, it’s ancient.”

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Lazar gave an interesting tidbit about S-4, when he was there near the end of the Cold War. “There were Russian scientists at S-4, this was early on in the project. At some point, there was intense cooperation, even exchanging some ideas on nuclear weapons and EMP tests, things we would have never have discussed with them, but at the same time, it was the late 80s, they were involved in the area with us.”

“At some point, there was a big discovery made, and after that, apparently, they decided it was too cool to share with anyone, and the Russians were never allowed back on the base after that.”

Bob had access to the flight test schedule and he took his friends to the area to witness the UFOs flying around. Lazar made three different trips to the area near Papoose Lake and took friends. The VHS cameras captured a light in the sky that Lazaar claims is one of the aircraft that he was working on at S-4.

Lazar provided some details on how these aircraft fly and how they’re not like typical planes or helicopters. “They way the craft that we worked on flies is, it doesn’t fly like a conventional aircraft does and it doesn’t fly like a flying saucer would in a 1950s movie. It flies belly first, it may set down conventionally, but it always rotates, it does a roll maneuver, puts its belly towards the target.” Rogan adds that it would be like a car flying with the wheels going forward.

Bob once saw the UFO fly and said the UFO lifted off the ground “quietly” and was completely silent once it was in the air.

Lazar has since talked to U.S. Navy Cmdr. David Fravor who said he saw a 40-foot-long white Tic Tac-shaped aircraft with no wings hovering over the Pacific Ocean about 140 miles southwest of San Diego on a clear “perfect blue day” in 2004 (You can read more about that UFO encounter HERE). The pilot’s testimony seems to echo many of the descriptions that Lazar has said about the aircraft’s flying abilities.

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Lazar adds that there were several programs going on at S-4. “There were different projects, Project Galileo, Project Sidekick was supposed to be weapon applications of the craft. Project Lookingglass had to do with time, any effects of time in the craft. We’re not talking about making a time machine like in science fiction, we’re talking about small distortions, intentional distortion in time, it was part of a weapons program.”

Lazar contacted investigative reporter George Knapp to tell his story in 1989. Knapp did some probing and he decided that Lazar’s story checked out. Knapp wanted to air Bob’s video testimony on the local Las Vegas news.

Lazar agreed that the world needed to know about this government secret. “You can’t not tell everybody that this stuff is going on, that we actually have hardware from another civilization, it’s a big f*cking deal, probably the biggest one there ever was.”

But then Bob changed his mind and decided against airing the testimony, but George aired it anyway. Once the video was aired, it quickly went viral. Soon, Bob’s supervisor Dennis Mariani called Lazar and threatened: “Do you have any idea on what we’re going to do to you now?” Then he hung up the phone.

According to Lazar, there were repercussions for outing the secret program. “A lot of people I’ve known either were audited by the IRS, anybody I knew who had clearances that worked in secure programs had their clearances pulled.” Bob said he sometimes wishes that he never came out public with the allegations.

Lazar says the government wants to keep the program a secret because the technology on the crafts could give the U.S. military superiority. “You literally become invincible once you master the technology. You have real forcefields around aircraft and battleships you win. You can force your will on anybody.”

Lazar claims that there was a concerted effort by somebody to erase his past. “That was frightening. I think George Knapp was the first one that uncovered that. He saw my birth certificate disappear. There was no record of that. The Los Alamos thing really surprised me.”

“Fortunately, somebody came up with a 1982 phone book directory,” Lazar said. “When I worked there, I was on the front page of the paper, so they were still able to bring that back from the archives. ‘Bob Lazar, a physicist, working here at Los Alamos.'”

Lazar claims that his academic records from Cal Tech and MIT have vanished. He said he knows classmates from college. “The reason I don’t say these names publically is because every single time I mention a name these people get in trouble.”

Lazar dismissed allegations that he is saying all of these things to get attention and money. “I don’t get any money for this at all.” Lazar said he doesn’t take any money from the movie and he donated his earnings from the documentary to science programs at high schools in Michigan.

“As far as attention, I hate f*cking attention. I don’t like being on shows. I just want to hide in the corner and do my own thing. I got enough hugs when I was a kid.”

“It happened exactly like I said it did,” Bob ends the interview.

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