The Meter-Long Bobbit Worm With Fangs From ‘Blue Planet 2’ Will Haunt Your Dreams

by 8 months ago
Bobbit Worm

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The Bobbit Worm is here to haunt your dreams. The meter-long ambush predator has massive fangs and pops out of the ocean floor to take down unsuspecting prey after luring them in. It uses huge fans to inject toxins into prey but it attacks so fast that it often cuts its prey in half.

If you haven’t been watching Blue Planet II on BBC America then you missed this past weekend’s episode where they featured the Bobbit Worm. The clips of the Bobbit Worm hunting caused everyone on Twitter to pretty much lose their shit. And before you Google it, the answer is ‘yes’. The Bobbit Worm is named after Lorena Bobbitt who was famous in the mid-90s for cutting her husband’s penis off. So that’s the legacy of this worm.

BBC America sent out these tweets:

People reacted in horror:

Here’s another clip from last year of the Bobbit Worm if you want to see some more action from this horrific ambush hunter that’s here to haunt your dreams.

Should the Bobbit Worm stop you from ever entering the ocean? Probably not. It’s not very likely that this worm would attack you. But with that said, if you ever do get sniped by the Bobbit Worm I don’t want you to come blaming me so maybe it’s safer if you just stick to pools from now on.

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