Body Language Expert Shares 10 Signs That Reveal Your Date Is Attracted To You

Body Language Expert Shares 10 Signs Your Date Is Attracted To You


Much like with financial advice on the internet, there is also no shortage of people willing to dole out their expert dating advice.

That doesn’t mean that what these many so-called experts claim isn’t true. It just means that when it comes to love and money it’s not always one size fits all.

However, since many people out there might be a little rusty when comes to going on an actual in-person date, the socially conscious folks over at Foxy Bingo teamed up with body language expert slash psychic Inbaal Honigman to help us out with 10 signs that your date is attracted to you. And some of these signs of attraction might not be something you’ve ever considered. So take notes.

The number one “indicator of desire” is eye contact.

“If someone likes you, they will look at you when you chat, maintain eye contact, and not search for their phone or the clock behind your back with their eyes,” says Honigman.

Interestingly, how fast your date is breathing may also be an important sign, though Honigman’s advice is a little confusing.

She says if your date is breathing quickly then they’re excited to be in your comany.

On the flip side, she adds, “if they’re breathing slowly, it’s not a bad thing, this just means that they’re nice and relaxed in your company.”

Moving on…

How your date positions her arms can be another indicator of interest. Crossed arms are a sign of being defensive, but arms being relaxed and to the side displays “ideal” positioning.

Don’t sleep on your date’s hips though. Is you date turning their body to face you? Are they mirroring your stance? Those are both positive signs of attraction.

And when your date is using those hips for walking, see if she is walking at the same pace and striding a similar length as you.

“You’re definitely not looking for someone who runs ahead and leaves you behind,” says Honigman.

You also don’t want your date to constantly be turning her back to you.

“If they’re turning their back to you, turning away to message someone else or just generally feeling cagey, grab that bill,” Honigman warns.

Now let’s take a look at their head.

Are they touching their hair? When they smile at you are they showing their teeth? Is their laughter genuine? If you answer yes to all of those questions, you’re golden, especially if they’re playing with their hair.

“Hair twirling is still the best sign that someone is interested in you. Keep an eye out for how often your date plays with their hair, or if they’re adjusting their head covering,” advises Honigman.

And finally, is your date not afraid to get a little touchy-feely? Because physical contact is another great sign they are into you.

“However tiny, however innocent – a comforting hand on your elbow when you talk about family, squeezing together to fit in a booth, a high five over a joke – it’s a gesture of interest, a gesture of connection,” says Honigman.

So there you go. 10 body language signs that your date is attracted to you. You just have to pay close enough attention, which is also probably good advice when going on a date.