The Atlas Robot From Boston Dynamics Can Now Run And We’re One Step Closer To The Robot Uprising

Boston Dynamics Running Robot Atlas

Boston Dynamics

Can we stop being so nonchalant about Boston Dynamics’ plan to take over the world with freakishly nimble robots? Their Atlas robot is already the most agile robot the world has ever seen. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more advanced robots kept under top-secret wraps by the government, there very well might but, but we’ve been able to follow the progress of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot throughout the years as this thing inches closer and closer to the eventual robot uprising.

Previously, we saw Boston Dynamics robots fighting back against humans, doing backflips, lifting 100-pounds, and more.

In the latest clip from Boston Dynamics, we see the Atlas robot doing something nobody has ever seen a robot do before…running. This robot is actually running along at a brisk pace and it’s able to jump over a log/obstacle when something gets in its way:

Can these roboticists just stop for one second and think about the future? Sure, they’ll be gone by the time these robots rise up and take over the planet but they’re building the foundation to wipe out all of humanity in a Man vs. Robot war. Haven’t these fuckers even seen Terminator?! Don’t they care about the future at all, or is this the smug scientist equivalent of a dumbass yokel not believing/caring that climate change is fucking up the planet?