Wild Video Shows Woman Almost Being Crushed By Boulder That Crashed Into Her House In Hawaii

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One of the most unsettling realities of life is that there’s only so much you can do to avoid falling victim to nature’s fairly terrifying wrath, a fear that’s only compounded by the sheer number of ways you can have your life turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

In this day and age, it’s become disturbingly easy to be reminded of that fact on an unfortunately regular basis thanks to the many people who’ve captured some of those freak accidents on video before uploading them on the internet.

Take, for example, the golfer who had his round ruined by the tornado he filmed himself enduring after he ended up directly in its path. There was also the Jeep Cherokee that must’ve gotten on Mother Nature’s bad side based on a clip where it was repeatedly struck by lightning—the same force that will make you weary about going to the bathroom based on a picture of an incident that occurred in Oklahoma in 2022.

Now, we’ve got a piping-hot serving of another bizarre occurrence that will likely make you spend the rest of your day (or week or month or year or life) with your head on a swivel once you witness it for yourself.

According to KHON2, Caroline Sasaki was minding her own business inside her house in Palolo, Hawaii over the weekend when an unexpected visitor arrived inside the home in the form of the massive boulder that barreled through the wall just a few feet from where she was standing (a development that was captured by a security camera inside).

Sasaki thankfully emerged from the incident physically unscathed (although she understandably had a bit of trouble sleeping). However, she and her neighbors are apparently now on higher alert than ever, as that was reportedly one of the three boulders that came dislodged in the area over a 24-hour span.

They’ve pointed the finger at a housing development that’s currently being constructed above the impacted properties, and while the owner of that site has downplayed their concern, it seems pretty justified to me.

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