Heavy Flooding Perfectly Preserved A Hiking Path And Bridge Underwater And It’s Trippy AF

by 12 months ago
underwater hiking trail preserved brazil

YouTube / Business Insider

A few weeks ago, the Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata Reserve in Brazil was getting absolutely pounded by heavy floods. Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere and our seasons are switched. Our Winter is their Summer, and the ‘Rainy Season’ in Brazil runs from November through May and December to February delivers the heaviest rainfall.

The Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata Reserve got hit with so much floodwater in such a short period of time that it left the hiking trails and bridges a full 10-feet underwater. Miraculously, the water basin wasn’t all muddy and it remained pretty clear because it’s been preserved by the surrounding reserve. What resulted was a totally trippy scene where the hiking trail and bridge looked completely preserved underwater. A clip of this crazy phenomenon hit the Internet a few weeks ago but it was only 15-seconds long. Finally, more footage has emerged of this surreal hiking trail perfectly preserved 10-feet underwater:

I’m sure that water dissipated within a matter of days but that must’ve been a really fun week for the scuba divers who got to film this footage. It also must’ve been eerie as hell knowing that an anaconda could easily pop out at any time from underneath those bushes. I’m not at all scared of snakes but not knowing what’s lurking underneath the water in the Brazilian rainforest, yeah, that’s going to put me on edge.