Dude Breaks Down The Unique Comedic Genius Of Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald is and has always been a ‘comedian’s comedian’. As pointed out in this video, Norm Macdonald‘s unique style of comedy is a human Litmus Test for a sense of humor because it’s such a divisive style of comedy.

Even if you’re not a fan of Norm Macdonald you might still find this video enjoyable and illuminating because it’s an in-depth look at Norm’s comedic style. Norm commits to comedy in the same way that an artist commits to a painting. Norm’s comedy encapsulates anything and everything that he finds funny, and he commits to those jokes unlike any other standup comic to take the stage, or at least that’s what the creator of this video is arguing.

If you’re a fan of comedy, and/or have ever considered taking the stage for an open mic night then this is required viewing. I’ve always thought the only way to become a funnier individual is to study the greats. Richard Pryor. Robin Williams. Chris Rock. Bill Burr. These are all legends of comedy, and Norm Macdonald is definitely in that same conversation. (h/t Tastefully Offensive)