Getting To Britain’s Most Remote Pub Requires An Adventure I Really Want To Take

Getting to Britain’s most remote pub requires a great deal of effort. There’s no shortage of quality pubs in Britain. If you want to pop on down to the local for a pint all you need to do is walk down the street. But there’s no spirit of adventure in that.

Britain’s most remote pub is The Old Forge, and it’s located in Knoydart, Scotland. Getting there requires taking a train…Coincidentally, the same train they used to go to Hogwarts in Harry Potter, though I suspect there are other train options. The train then drops you off at Mallaig Terminal. From there, you have the option of hiking 18 miles through the Scottish highland.

You could hike that 18 miles but do you really want to? You can’t drive there because there are no roads to The Old Forge. The only good way to get to The Old Forge is to take a ferry from Mallaig Terminal.

They say that this is the ‘last British wilderness’. Based on the images in that video, I’m inclined to believe them. But I also suspect there are some equally remote areas of Scotland, areas that don’t have pubs and thus don’t get the same level of tourism.

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