This World Record 70-Layer Dip Took 19 People To Build And Is The Ultimate Super Bowl Food Flex This Year At 1,000+ Pounds

seven layer bean dip

iStockphoto / lkphotographers

The Super Bowl is the one day of the year when I have zero inhibitions when it comes to food. Even on Thanksgiving, I’ll at least bargain with myself on what I eat and quadruple up on Stuffing + Turkey in place of extra dessert. But with the Super Bowl, I’m a simple man, I just eat until I can’t anymore.

For days I’ve been eyeballing those junky thick-cut crinkle chips at Publix. Biding my time until Super Bowl Sunday so I can load up on chips and go all-in on the dips (chili, french onion, etc. etc.). Now I have some new goals that are actually unattainable so I might as well let those go now.

Bush’s Beans just set a new Guinness World Record for the largest “7 Layer Dip” of all time. The previous world record measured 540-pounds. They nearly doubled it with a 70-layer “7 Layer Dip” that took 19 people each working 12 hours to construct.

The team teams used 10 different types of seven-layer dip. Their flavors included Veggie, Cuban, Fiesta, and others. I’m a traditionalist. Give me a classic 7 Layer Dip and I’m happy. But I’d happily go all-in on this dip if I was given the chance. Heck, I’d swan dive into this thing if the opportunity presented itself.

I see a missed opportunity here with that massive glass vessel they used for the record. That thing is perfectly built for a ‘dunk tank’ event like you’d see at a county or state fair. They should’ve let people spend $100+ (to charity) to try and dunk someone into the 1,000+ pounds of dip.

There are a lot of salty people on Twitter talking about ‘food waste’ which is foolish because they obviously repurposed this into something for the people. According to Fox6Now, after setting the new Guinness World Record with their 1,000+ pound Seven Layer Dip, Bush’s Baked Beans donated their award-winning dip to charity.