Canada Was Incredibly Lit Last Night After Weed Was Officially Legalized

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There are plenty of reasons to visit Canada, whether you’re looking to hit up the Planet Hollywood in Niagra Falls, wash down some poutine with a jar of maple syrup, or make a pilgrimage to Celine Deon’s childhood home.

However, as of today, there’s one more thing you can add to that list: legal weed.

Earlier this year, ultimate bro Justin Trudeau signed a bill officially ending prohibition in the country and announced sales of the devil’s lettuce would no longer be outlawed as of October 17th, allowing people who get paranoid after toking up to breathe a smoke-filled sigh of relief.

The celebration officially kicked off in Newfoundland, where marijuana enthusiasts lined up hours ahead of time in their quest to be the first people to get their hands on the goods.

A man named Ian Powers got to a dispensary four hours early in order to “make history”— a moment that was captured on video for posterity.

However, that was just the start of the celebration.

People throughout Canada celebrated in a number of ways— including a party in Toronto that featured a “bud drop” when the clock struck midnight.

Eat your heart out, Times Square.

As you’d expect, there was much rejoicing— and plenty of reactions to the news.

I never knew how versatile Spongebob could be.

If you’re thinking about making a trip to the Great White North there are a few things you should know before you pick up.

  • You can “only” buy (and carry) 30 grams of bud at once
  • You have to purchase marijuana from a licensed vendor
  • You must be 19 or older (or 18 if you feel like being judged for not speaking French in Quebec)
  • You can only smoke in designated areas (rules vary by province and locality)
  • You do not want to let border patrol know the real reason you visited

Your move, America.

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