Accidents happen. But this? This right here. How the fuck does this happen? A cargo ship collided with a container vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. But how? How does this happen?

On Sunday, a Tunisian transport vessel t-boned a Cypriot container ship near the French island of Corsica. It gets even more preposterous, the ship that was hit was ANCHORED. Meaning it was not MOVING. You literally have the ENTIRE sea. Did a dolphin jump in front of your cargo ship causing you to swerve?

To make matters worse, the ship’s hull was pierced and at least one fuel tank began leaking fuel into the sea. The oil slick stretched as far as 12 miles at one point. Texting while sailing is dangerous. The ship has radar, how the fuck does this happen?

Now government cleanup crews from France, Monaco, and Italy are attempting to clean up the maritime disaster turned environmental disaster. French authorities have launched an investigation for “maritime pollution.” Thankfully, there were no injuries.

The collision occurred in relatively calm seas with good visibility. So how does something like this happen?

The captain had better start taking some coding classes because it doesn’t look like he’ll be in the maritime industry any longer.

If anyone wants to get the captain of the boat an early Christmas present, may we suggest this book?


The only possible explanation is that Tina Belcher was navigating that ship.