Could Carole Baskin Have Really Fed Her Husband To Tigers?

carole baskins netflix husband

The new Netflix documentary “Tiger King” has taken the world by storm and left viewers in awe over what they had just watched. It is a wild, seven part documentary that consists of plot twist after plot twist. Animal Planet host Forrest Gallante sat down with The Brilliantly Dumb show to address the theory that Carole Baskin fed her late husband to her tigers. “You know if he were chopped up, yes it is absolutely plausible that he could have been fed to the tigers and every part of him could be digested,” said Gallante.

The hours you spend watching this are going to fly by and make you wish you had more episodes to take in. Rumor has it a TV series is already in the works based on the mad man that is Joe Exotic. Forrest, who is a big animal rights activist and has been working with wildlife his entire life, gives some very intriguing takes that give you a sense of just how frowned upon a name like Joe Exotic or Baskin is upon wildlife experts.