50 Cent, Lil Wayne, And Other Rappers Read ‘Mean Tweets’ And Get Absolutely Destroyed By Trolls

by 7 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel struck gold with ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets‘. It’s one of his most popular recurring sketches because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The trolls never stop and thus Jimmy always has content.

The old Internet adage goes ‘never feed the trolls’ but that’s precisely what has made this sketch so successful over the years. By highlighting these tweets attacking celebs, Jimmy Kimmel ensures that the legions of basement-dwelling trolls never stop harassing public figures for the sake of comedy.

Over the years the ‘Mean Tweets’ format has taken on many themes. The most recent episode before last night was NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets. Prior to that, it was Avengers Read Mean Tweets. One of my favorite iterations was ‘Country Music Stars Read Mean Tweets’ because GOOD GOD people have an incredible capacity for trolling Country Music musicians.

Last night’s episode was an instant classic.

For ‘Mean Tweets – Hip Hop Edition’, Jimmy Kimmel got Curtis ‘50 Cent‘ Jackson, Lil Wayne, Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean, T-Pain, Eve, Pusha-T, Tyler the Creator, and a bunch more rappers to read mean tweets about themselves.

For the most part, they all take it in stride.

I always get a little worried when celebrities who have never done anything like this before first appear on ‘Mean Tweets’ because this requires the ability to laugh at yourself and celebrities tend to take themselves too seriously. But this definitely came out pretty great.

Also, am I wrong for thinking that this would’ve been the perfect chance to prod Lil Wayne about releasing ‘Tha Carter V’?

There are approximately 400 trillion tweets out there about when the album’s going to get released. Surely Kimmel’s crew could’ve found one and had Lil Tunechi answer some questions about it on camera.

The people need this album.

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