Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Put Grapes On A Pizza And People Got Very Upset

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Put Grapes On A Pizza And People Are Very Upset

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People must be starting to lose their minds a little bit after a full year of dealing with the global pandemic. Yesterday we had a restaurant grossing out the internet by putting Froot Loops on a pizza, and today we have celebrity chef Jamie Oliver putting grapes on one.

Have we not learned anything from the disaster that is putting pineapple on pizza?

During the most recent episode of Oliver’s show Keep Cooking Family Favourites, he unveiled a new recipe for pizza that is truly unlike anything most of us have ever seen before.

Calling it his “speedy sausage pizza,” Oliver threw some very unique items on his dough including pine nuts and red seedless grapes.

The recipe states, “Toss the grapes into the pan for 1 minute, then spoon over the pizza with any juices, tear over the mozzarella and sprinkle with the pine nuts.”

At no point in any of that would you think he is talking about making a pizza.

“That speedy sausage pizza will change the game for you,” he wrote on Twitter, forcing people to ask, “What the hell game are you playing, Jamie?”

“Scrolling quickly passed I thought it was a bunch of bugs at first,” commented one person on Facebook.

A poll conducted in February by YouGov.com listed the five most disliked pizza toppings as anchovies, eggplant, artichoke, broccoli, and, of course, pineapple.

Looks like we may have a couple of new contenders.

Now grape soda and pizza…? That is something I will firmly get behind.

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