JT From Chad Goes Deep Ran Into Dan Bilzerian To Ask Him An Important Question

Chad Goes Deep

If you’re ever bored and stoned, I highly recommend throwing on the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Dan Bilzerian. It’s, like, three hours long of Dan being peak Dan, talking about getting heart attacks from dick pills and playing strip poker in his massive bed with Instagram models. It’s anything but chill, but totally fascinating.

Dan’s all about the marijuana game these days, so he’s found his mellow. Meanwhile, JT from Chad Goes Deep recently ran into Mr. Bilzerian out in West Hollywood. He asked The Man Who Has Everything a question that’s actually quite profound, when you really think about it.

But first…

  1. Holy shit, those shorts.
  2. Let the leg day jokes fly.
  3. I died at “My Dad’s a huge fan.”

Just watch. So much stoke…

Keep doing The Lord’s work, JT and Chad.


While we’re on the subject, go support their quest to save the coral with a Chad Goes Deep shirt. 100% of proceeds go to organizations dedicated to save the oceans. I copped the yellow one. Mad stoked about it.

You can buy them right here.

Also, their video with Twitter troll Laura Loomer is performance art at it’s highest:

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