List Of Cheapest Cities In America Worth Browsing If You’re Broke And Looking To Move

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Every city caters to a certain demographic. There are fit cities, cities ripe with single people, metropolises dominated by football fans and even towns who welcome drunk Spring Breakers.

There are even towns which cater to folks living on the cheap because residents don’t make that much money. If you’re cheap and broke and looking to move to a town that welcomes your empty pockets, consider one of the cities on this list of the most economical U.S. cities.

The state of Texas dominates the list with four affordable living options. Brownsville, Texas kicks off the list at number ten. Median income is more than $20,000 lower than the U.S. average, median home prices are over $100,000 below the national average. On the plus side, prices run well below national averages and the town is a short drive from beaches and state parks along the Gulf of Mexico. Wichita Falls, Texas clocks in at number 5 and is home to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum!

Harlingen, Texas (#3 on the list) is home to low steak costs. The average cut goes to 21.2% less than the national average. And ranking in at #1 is McAllen, Texas. McAllen is home to exotic bird watching and dying young. WalletHub named McAllen the third-fattest city in America.

Here’s the complete list compiled by Kiplinger:

  1. McAllen, Texas
  2. Conway, Arkansas
  3. Harlingen, Texas
  4. Kalamazoo, Michigan
  5. Wichita Falls, Texas
  6. Knoxville, Tennessee
  7. Memphis, Tennessee
  8. Jonesboro, Arkansas
  9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  10. Brownsville, Texas

If you’re really into the idea of living on the cheap, be sure to scout out the city before moving. If you’re looking for work, the pickings might be slim, so consider the digital nomad lifestyle or be prepared to work for peanuts.

[via Kiplinger]

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