The List Of The Drunkest Spring Break Cities Proves Mexico Is The Place To Be

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Over the next few weeks, college students across America will flock to warmer climates around the world and do their best to forget midterms ever happened with the assistance of an endless supply of alcohol. Many of these people will end up taking as many shots as a boxer does over the course of a fight over the course of the week and subsequently cause their body to experience the same amount of pain.

If you’re looking to join (or avoid) a group of like-minded people who decided to dedicate their week off to consuming as much booze as possible, there are a few places you might want to put at the top (or bottom) of your list. Project Know recently analyzed the cities that people traveled to in during spring break in 2017 to see which ones featured the highest percentage of people hopping on Instagram to brag about getting their drink on, which featured usual suspects like Las Vegas and New Orleans and a few places that prove Florida is spiritually the spring break capital of the United States.

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For spring breakers looking to cross international borders, the most popular destination is probably Mexico, which features countless resorts catering to a clientele looking to get drunk for as cheap as possible (the risk of tainted alcohol be damned). Unfortunately, the lack of readily available drinking water means “drinking more” tends to be the best cure for hangovers— a strategy that anyone has tried knows never ends poorly.

It turns out Mexico is also home to the hardest partiers internationally (but I’d like to give a special shoutout to Vatican City for cracking the Top 20).

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The study also looked at the most popular drinks among people on spring break, with beer being far and away the beverage of choice.

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Anyone who’s ever tried to funnel wine probably knows why beer took the top spot.

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