Chet Hanks Hits Eric André With Fiery Response After Comedian Calls Him ‘Disturbed’

Chet Hanks

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It’s been more than a decade since I was introduced to “Chet Haze.” the moniker Chet Hanks (the son of Tom Hanks) adopted when he decided to fashion himself as a rapper while enrolled at Northwestern.

It’s safe to say Chet has taken a very long and strange trip through life thanks to what’s transpired since then.

Chet may be the least accomplished member of the Hanks family, but he still has a pretty uncanny ability to keep his name in the headlines.

That includes the time he adopted a Jamaican patois while shooting his shot at Adele, and he didn’t exactly appease critics who called him out for appropriating another culture with the music video he dropped while hyping up what he dubbed the “White Boy Summer” of 2021.

Chet popped up in the news once again earlier this week courtesy of Eric André, who referred to Hanks as “emotionally disturbed” in a Rolling Stone interview where he accused him of engaging in some worrying behavior on the set of The Eric André Show. 

It didn’t take long for those comments to end up on Hanks’ radar, and he did not exactly hold back while responding to the allegations in a video he posted on Instagram.

Chet shared his side of the story while taking a shot at the comedian, saying:

“Eric André invites me on his show. I’d never seen it before, so I started watching episodes. I see it’s on some really weird, outlandish troll s***.

So I’m like, “OK, cool, I’ll match that energy.’  So I come on the show and I’m on some super outlandish troll s*** thinking that he would get it, you know what I mean? 

At one point, he has a dude come in and jump a dirtbike on the stage. Well, they must not have known I ride dirtbikes, because I pick that s*** up and start riding it around the set.

Everyone’s like, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that. You could get hurt.’ I’m like, ‘Chill.’ I just popped a little wheelie and put the bike down. Now he wants to come out and talk s*** about me? You must’ve just not liked the fact that I outshined your own f****** show. 

Honestly, when I was on there, the dude seemed shook, because when I came out and sat down, he seemed like genuinely nervous… There’s a lot of f****** weirdos in Hollywood and I didn’t think you were one of them.

I thought you were funny and cool but it turns out you’re just a p****, dude.”

Damn, Chet. Tell us how you really feel.

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