Chris Tucker Confirms He And Jackie Chan Are Reuniting For ‘Rush Hour 4’

by 1 year ago
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If you’re a fan of movies where two wise-cracking crimefighters who don’t exactly see eye to eye are forced to team up with each other to combat the forces of evil and embark on a journey that ends with them realizing that they might not really be that different after all, then the 1990s were a wonderful time to be alive. The genre might have had its roots in the previous decade, but I’d argue it was perfected toward the end of the millennium thanks to cinematic achievements like Men in Black, Bad Boys, and— most importantly— Rush Hour.

I have a hard time believing the studio executive who got yayed out enough to think making a movie starring a relatively obscure martial artist and the guy from Friday would be a good idea could’ve ever predicted Rush Hour would go on to be as successful as it was, but the antics of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan helped it strike box office gold that eventually led to a couple of sequels and lots of people yelling “Lee!” in a really high-pitched voice.

Last year, Jackie Chan suggested he might be teaming back up with his old partner in crime for a new Rush Hour film, and based on a recent interview with his co-star, it appears there’s a very good chance the duo appear back on screen together at some point in the future.

While appearing on The Plug, Tucker said he and Chan had finally found a script they were happy with and expects production will begin at some point in the near future. While this might be just another sign Hollywood has officially given up on original ideas in favor of milking every franchise to death, I don’t really give a shit if it means we’re getting a new Rush Hour. 

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