Christmas ‘Rage Room’ Is Perfect Place For People Completely Fed Up With Making Merry

Christmas Rage Room


The holidays suck as we get older and everyone reaches that point where the everything just becomes too much to handle. This moment usually occurs in the middle of a crowded store on Black Friday or ten minutes into Christmas Eve dinner with the family.

Occasionally, it happens in the middle of October when the Christmas store display pops up.

People in London are expressing their anger and vitriol towards the holiday cheer in this excellent “rage room.” A company is offering people the chance to bash and smash all the symbols of the season for a small fee of $24.

The experience comes complete with an aluminum bat for smashing and the customer’s choice of favorite holiday song blaring in the background while trees and ornaments meet their demise.

If there’s no rage room in your town, we suggest Target or a neighbor’s living room, but it will end up costing more than $24.

[via HuffPo]


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