Woman Creates Brilliant Collage Mocking All Of The Things That Millennials Allegedly Killed

At some point in time, it became fashionable to blame millennials for killing certain aspects of our culture. There was suddenly a flood of groupthink articles that millennials were actively killing things in our society. The articles were mostly lazy, unfounded, or written by older generations who didn’t like that things that they coveted from their youth were going bye-byes.

Of the things that millennials were killing were Applebee’s, napkins, bars of soap (Have you used a bar of soap recently? It’s stupid, inefficient, and feels like something from the Dark Ages), yogurt, cereal, fabric softener, golf, focus groups, Canadian travel, wine corks, and breastraunts (Woah, woah, woah, maybe millennials are really going too far?!?!?).

On July 27, a woman by the name of Regan put the internet on warning that she was going to create a collage of headlines about millennials killing things and hang it on her wall.

On August 14th, Regan made good on her promise and delivered this outstanding collage of all of the things that millennials are allegedly killing proving that all of these articles are absolute nonsense.

Sorry marmalade, your days of being relevant have come and gone. And why can’t you just have jelly or jam? Do you have something against pectin? You pectin-hating assholes.

Last month, I wrote how big beer is losing market shares because millennials prefer craft beer and I didn’t use the hacky, inaccurate, and lazy headline of “Millennials Are Killing Beer” like some outlets did. Maybe these things should be killed off. Who cares what one age group enjoys and detests, just do you. If the product is great there will always be a market, and it won’t matter what any age group thinks of it.