Comet Smashes Into ‘Fortnite,’ Season 4 Kicks Off With New Locations And A Lot Less Gravity

by 12 months ago
fortnite season 4

Epic Games

After weeks of speculation on what that mysterious lights in the sky of Fortnite, the meteors finally starting crashing to the Earth this week. Epic Games dropped a trailer for the Season 4 of Fortnite and unveiled a new crater-filled map, plus updates to Battle Royale and Save The World modes.

Many expected Tilted Towers to be obliterated by the deep impact of the comet, but the unidentified objects from space actually destroyed Dusty Depot (Which is now appropriately named “Dusty Divot). Pieces of the space rocks that crashed into the Earth are glowing and can be eaten which gives the player low gravity when consumed. They are called “hop rocks.” Will aliens crawl out of these glowing space rocks? Epic Games hinted that Season 4 will have a superhero theme, could they help defeat an alien invasion or are they the alien invasion?

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