Concession Stand Worker On TikTok Stuns Millions With Claim About Movie Theater Popcorn

Concession Worker On TikTok Makes Claim About Movie Theater Popcorn


A concession stand worker has gone viral with almost 7 million views on TikTok for a wild claim he has made about movie theater popcorn.

According to @thatcoolguy.25597 on TikTok, if you feel like you’ve been getting scammed every time you purchase a bag or bucket of popcorn at a movie theater, there is a pretty good chance that you have been.

Setting aside the fact that we are all paying for popcorn at a markup of somewhere around 2,000 percent, it’s the size of the order that is the focus of this TikTok video.

In the video, @thatcoolguy.25597 acts like he’s your average customer who orders a small popcorn because they feel like the medium would be “too much.”

So, for $7.35 he gets himself a small popcorn.

Then, he pretends to change his mind and orders a medium-sized popcorn instead. So, he pours the contents from the small popcorn into the medium bag and… wait… they’re the same!

But the medium costs $8.44. Whaaaaaaat?!


If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between💀 ##workingatthemovies ##movies ##comedy ##funny ##fyp ##foryou

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Comments on his TikTok video were pretty much what one would expect.

“Medium is always a scam,” commented one viewer.

“Facts lol I used to work at AMC, there’s a lot of stuff y’all don’t know,” another viewer wrote.

“Feel like this should be illegal,” wrote another. “If I’m paying for a bigger size, I should be getting a bigger size.”

Another viewer claimed that McDonald’s medium and large sodas are also the same size, which is why all drinks are one dollar. Someone else also all but shouted that the medium and small shakes at McDonald’s are also the same size, yet they are priced differently – and even provided video proof.


Better get the small next time ##mcdonalds ##milkshake ##travis ##food

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Commenters made similar claims about Marcus Theaters, Starbucks, as well as at bars and other restaurants. Buyer beware.



10k likes and I’ll do a part 3 😏 ##fyp ##foryou ##comedy ##movies ##moviehack ##lifehack

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Oh, in case you were wondering, he says he just put in his two weeks notice so he isn’t concerned about getting fired. That’s why he made these videos.

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