Disturbing Videos From China Show People Forcibly Taken Into Quarantine Over Coronavirus, Haunting Footage Of Wuhan

Coronavirus Update: Death toll and cases rise, videos emerge from China showing Chinese citizens being forcibly taken to hospitals and haunting footage of Wuhan.

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The latest updates on the coronavirus show that the death toll from the respiratory illness is at 811, including 89 killed in the last 24 hours. There are now more novel coronavirus fatalities than the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak between 2002 and 2003. There are 37,198 people infected with coronavirus, according to China’s National Health Commission.

To possibly prevent Chinese citizens from panicking or revealing to the world how bad the coronavirus outbreak in China is, the communist country has cracked down on anyone posting to social media. The South China Morning Post reported that China’s President Xi Jinping has directed the country’s internet watchdog to “tighten controls on social media platforms after a brief period of tolerance.” The Chinese government intends to “crack down on content that may sow fear and confusion amid the coronavirus crisis.”

Despite the suppression of online expression, videos from mainland China have leaked to the rest of the world. The videos are extremely disturbing, and many are unverified because of fear of punishment from the Chinese government.

Jennifer Zeng is a human rights activist and author born in Sichuan, China. She was arrested four times by the Chinese government, and was sent to the Beijing Municipal Women’s Re-Education-Through-Labor Camp, where she alleges that she was physically and mentally abused.

Zeng, who earned a master of science degree in biochemistry at Peking University, has posted several alarming videos on Twitter displaying the alleged plight of Chinese citizens during the coronavirus outbreak.

Footage shows citizens being forcibly apprehended by people in hazmat suits. The people are reportedly being sent to hospitals against their will.

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It is not a normal reaction to fight with every fiber of your body to being “taken to a hospital.”

Some of those hospitals that the people are physically forced to go to, don’t appear to have any medical equipment. The 2019-nCoV is a respiratory disease that causes pneumonia-like symptoms, and those infected would likely need a ventilator machine or ECMO machine.

Also, a hospital built in 10 days that will solely handle coronavirus victims has bars on the windows and slots for food to be sent through. Why would a hospital have bars on the windows? Are people breaking into the place housing people infected with a deadly disease that is easily transmitted?

Some Chinese citizens are reportedly being arrested for not wearing a mask.

While others were arrested for driving during the transportation ban.

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Apparently, some Chinese citizens are being forced into the isolation of their own homes.

There are unverified videos of metal bars being put on apartment doors to prevent people inside from leaving.

The city of Wuhan, that has a population of 11 million, has been reduced to a ghost town, as seen in this haunting drone video. The Chinese government put Wuhan, which is the country’s seventh-largest city, on lockdown in mid-January. But it is speculated that five million people vacated the city before the transportation ban and quarantine.

Another video shows the citizens of Wuhan attempting to support each other with screams of encouragement. Wuhan is believed to be the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, specifically the city’s animal market.

Yet another video shows a woman allegedly screaming for someone to please help her “dying husband.”

A heartbreaking video shows a Chinese nurse being forced to give her daughter an “air hug.”

According to the New York Times, the Hubei Province is offering cash rewards to any citizens who report anyone with a fever, whether it be them or someone else.