This Aussie Cracking His Whips To ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Reminded Me Not Everything About The Internet Is Awful

Uluru Australia

Pixabay / Flo K

Y’all remember when the Internet was still fun like five years ago? Back in 2015 before everything online was doom and gloom and everyone surfed the World Wide Interweb with a pitchfork in hand we were all laughing at completely mindless content. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been an immense change for the better online but our capacity to enjoy ourselves seems to have withered away into nothingness.

And I’ll be honest, guys, I haven’t been having a whole lot of fun lately. Flipping open my computer every morning to see what fresh he awaits in the news has frayed my nerves and opening twitter every 15 minutes throughout the day certainly doesn’t help. Then I come across a clip like this one below and I’m reminded that this isn’t such a bad place after all.

You could’ve told me this video was 5 or 10 years old and I would’ve believed you because it’s so reminiscent of a time before everything had to matter online and people still made videos for fun and not just to mine clicks for YouTube dollars and subscribers.

Did he have to go so hard with those whips? You’re damn right he did. Does the fact that this is staged at the unbelievably picturesque (and sacred) Uluru in Australia somehow makes this an even better video than expected? You’re damn right it does.

Maybe the monotony of every day has finally caught up to me and I’m ready to shut it all down and go back in time to an era when everything was easier or perhaps the Internet really was a much better place 5-10 years ago before politics and divisiveness infected every aspect of what we consume online. I’m going with the latter on this one.