Country Star Chase Rice Is Getting Crushed For Performing For 4,000 People

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Remember in late March when everyone was afraid of the Coronavirus, regardless of their political or religious beliefs? Those were the days, man. We all went inside for a month. We all binged Tiger King. Things sucked, but it sucked for everyone. We were in the suck together.

Whelp, those days are long gone. Coronavirus and mask-wearing are now a completely politicized issue. Here’s the line in the sand; you’re either with us or you’re against us. No middle-ground whatsoever. You’re either hunkered down in a hypo-allergenic bubble that you inflated around your living room, spraying down Amazon Fresh packages with sanitizing spray, or you’re stepping into some jean shorts and mashing against the front rail at a Chase Rice concert, spitting country lyrics into each other’s mouths like bird moms feeding their babies. You’re either calling people who don’t wear masks devils, or you’re telling a town council assembly that God himself told you not to muzzle your face like a dog.

Singer Kelsea Ballerini weighed in:

Hand up: I’ve never heard of either of these people. It’s so weird to me that country stars can be as massively popular as they are and still be completely unknown by people who don’t listen to country. Just seems like they exist in a different universe—like famous chefs who make their name on the cooking channel. Again, I’m not a cooking channel guy, but I know people eat that up. Different strokes.

Will the world crumble as a result of country stars holding concerts too soon? Maybe. Who knows. I guess we’ll see in a few months. For now, I’ll stick to not attending concerts of any kind considering they always make me claustrophobic anyway, and people make fun of me for wearing ear plugs. Don’t need that negativity in my life right now.