Heroic Couple Holds A Street Wedding; Guests Save Thousands


You guys know how much of a wedding cynic I am. I hate the industry, the gossip, the planning, and especially the financial burden of attending one. Everyone complains about the cost, but they shrug their shoulders and seem to suck it up as a part of life. Wrong! Stand up for yourself! Where did it become law that people could hold a wedding, invite you, and expect you to shell out thousands for flights, a hotel, and a gift? Why is it unacceptable to decline a wedding invitation by simply saying sorry, but I can’t spend that much money right now?

Admittedly, if you die on this hill, you can’t then hold a wedding that is expensive for the attendees. What goes around, comes around. Which is why I love this street wedding so much. Look at this thing:

Magical! Romantic! Charming! Free!

A wedding block party. Remember block parties? Me neither, since I grew up at the end of a long dirt driveway. Kids wouldn’t even brave it on Halloween. But I do recall those wonderful paintings of summer block parties and stoop hangouts during the Harlem renaissance and the jazz age from AP US History. Even then, I thought boy that scene would be perfect for a wedding. Amanda Mason and Aaron Meyers have only gone and done it, and the result is the stuff of an early Anne Hathaway film. Splendid!

You know, the most redeeming part of the first Sex and the City movie is when Carrie realizes she doesn’t need the massive wedding at the library, and that she loves Big even at City Hall. I love that. I’m a Carrie.

50 guests zoomed in to watch  from the financial comfort of their home. I guarantee you they shelled out for bigger gifts than they would have had they been asked to train, plane, or automobile their way to DC. A wedding this romantic, this selfless, tends to loosen the purse strings of even the most hardened wedding guests. Hell, I’m inclined to send them a little gift myself.

But I won’t. Because I wasn’t invited.