Couple’s Romantic Anniversary Dinner Interrupted By Boat Full Of Naked People

Couples Anniversary Dinner Interrupted By Nudist Cruise Passengers


A couple out for a romantic dinner celebrating their anniversary were left stunned when a boat full of naked people pulled up alongside them and the passengers started waving at them.

John Wood and his wife were just minding their own business at the River Exe Cafe on the Exe Estuary in Devon in the U.K. when a cruise ship operated by the naturist Torbay Sun Club went slowly gliding by.

It turns out that the passengers who were waving and wearing nothing but a smile were on the Torbay Sun Club’s annual nudist cruise.

Devon Live reports…

The cruise, which was operating its annual ‘Nude Cruise’ whereby passengers embark from Exmouth Dock with little other than their ‘personal luggage’ while being encouraged to meet with existing friends and make new ones, was cruising around the area.

While for some, it’s an annual event, for those nearby like John who were caught out cold, it was the rising wind that led to fears that the water-based naked attraction would lead to nippy conditions for those in the nip.

Wood, while he had a good laugh once he realized what was happening, was also a little concerned about the health of the nude cruise passengers.

“My wife and I were having a lovely anniversary dinner at the River Exe cafe when we caught sight of a boat full of naked people traveling slowly,” said Wood.

“Reaction in the restaurant was mostly of amusement, and concern for their health as the wind was getting up. Luckily that was the only thing that was!”

Apparently, the Exmouth nudist cruise that Wood and his wife witnessed is an annual event.

According to Devon Live, “Each year, they embark on the Exmouth ‘nude cruise’ on a pleasure boat hired from local firm Stuart Line and each year the sight of naked people enjoying the views and partying from the deck below has aroused the attention of other boat users on the estuary.”

The Torbay Sun Club, which describes itself as one of the United Kingdom’s largest naturist swim and sauna clubs and organizes the annual event, says on its website, “Naturism is good outdoors too and, weather permitting, there are plenty of ways of enjoying it on the beach or at many other locations.”

Talk about dinner and a show…

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