Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Fiancee A Monthly Allowance Equaling The Proceeds Of Less Than One Instagram Post


Literally anyone else who gave his girlfriend £80,000-a-month allowance to fuel a lavish lifestyle would be a sucker. For Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s a cheapskate.

The Sun recently reported that Ronaldo gifts his fiancee and Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez with a monthly sum of $86,300 USD to be a rich person.

The only problem is that is hardly enough for a pair of pants.

Some perspective: Ronaldo makes over $33 million per year playing for Juventus while on a weekly wage of approximately $637,000. That pales in comparison his $47.8 million per year from paid Instagram posts, or $975,000 per paid post.

86 thousand dollars per month amounts to less than one tenth of a paid Instagram post to Ronaldo’s 204 million Instagram followers.

An Instagram post slither for raising his three kids from different women? And you look like this?!

I’m beginning to feel insulted for her.

Poor thing has to go to the public airport like a peasant.

I’d be playing the penny slots too.

Sad, really.

Please help donate to the GoFundMe page I set up for Georgina to resurrect her from abject poverty.