Dad Shares Cool iPhone Hack To Keep His Kids Occupied, Blows Millions Of Minds

Dad Shares iPhone Hack To Keep Kids Occupied


Have you ever handed your iPhone over to your son or daughter and felt like you were rolling the dice? You half expect them to come to you at some point saying it’s “broken” and when they return it to you something has obviously gone wrong.

Hey, we all have. Fortunately, some people are smarter than we are and their partner has TikTok.

The father of TikTok user @melissajean1223’s children is one of those people.

Melissa was so amazed by what he taught her about her iPhone that she shared a video of him demonstrating the little hack to keep his kids busy while he works. What he revealed has been as some TikTokers called it “life-changing.”

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Here’s how it works…

First, he explains how to turn on the setting called “Guided Access.”

You can find this by either swiping down on your iPhone home screen or just doing a search. Once you find it turn it on.

Then, go to the app you want your kid to use. Start it up. Turn your phone to the side, triple-click the sleep/wake button on the side, and your iPhone will then display a message that reads “Guided Access Started.”

Next you triple click again, enter your passcode, go to Options, and turn off all the functions you don’t want your child messing around with.

Hit resume and your iPhone is basically locked on that app so that no one, not even the smartest kid, can navigate away from it and wreck your phone or rack up any unwanted charges.

Mind. Blown.

This hack is so good that the TikTok video has now been viewed over 25 million times, received over 3.8 million likes and gotten almost 27,000 comments.


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“Me not having any children but fully amazed by this,” wrote one viewer.

Another said, “Doing this when I show my parents a picture on my phone.”

Of course, not everyone was amazed with some people boasting that they have known about this feature for years, to whom I say, “Why didn’t you tell us about it?!”

Oh, and to get out of this mode, just do the triple-click thing again.

So, did you know about this? Let us know in the comments below!