A Dad Took Over His Teen Daughter’s Social Media As Punishment… And Now He’s More Popular Than Her

Dad Takes Over Teen Daughters Social Media As Punishment And Hes Popular


15-year-old Madelynn Sumpter was being a typical 15-year-old when she and her friends got busted by her parents for sneaking some boys into a sleepover.

Her parents, being typical parents, were naturally forced to issue some form of punishment for their teen daughter’s misdeed.

Being reasonable parents, they gave her a choice: one month without her phone, or two weeks without the phone, but they would be given free reign on all of her social media accounts.

Madelynn, a high school sophomore in Denton, Texas, chose the latter option. Big mistake… for her.

It worked out great for her dad Larry Sumpter, however, as his posts on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok have led to a surge in new followers.

The first thing he posted, on his daughter’s Instagram account, was a photo with the caption, “Felt cute. Might delete later.”

That was all it took for Madelynn to immediately decide to change her mind. Too late!

“After the first day, Madelynn was like, ‘I changed my mind, I choose the one month,'” Madelynn’s mom Tawnya told Today. “Larry told her, ‘No. I’m too invested. I have too many ideas. We’re sticking with the two weeks.'”

Turns out the 43-year-old commercial construction manager ended up building quite the fan base as Madelynn’s classmates began regularly checking her social media accounts for updates from dad.


“He’s loving it. I think he’s gonna make his own TikTok account when this over,” Tawnya added.

Check out some of Larry’s work, along with the A+ embarassing AF dad captions below.

“Like, can we save the mother freakin turtles already?! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #instagood #followme #savetheturtles.”

“May do a photo shoot later…may not idk? #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #instagood ##followme #feelingcute.”

“Red Dirt Thursday!! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #instagood #followme #feelingcute.”

“Flashback Friday to my days of a mountain man! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #instagood #followme #feelingute #nofilter.”

“Here’s a little clip of me getting warmed up for my morning run! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #followme #instagood #feelingcute #iamfast #running.”

“Just chillin’ on this fine Sunday afternoon!! Haters gonna hate!! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #followme #instagood #feelingcute #captainmullet #mulletman.”

“KIDS…Sometimes your bad choices reach all the way to Croatia!!! 😂😂😂 #makebetterchoices #parentingwin.”

#parentingwin indeed.

She eventually did get her social media accounts back, posting a photo of herself as a baby with the caption, “I’m back sweeter than ever and ready to make good choices.”

Lesson learned.

Oh, and guess what? After just two posts in 296 weeks, he is back using his own Instagram account.